Dental Implants Abroad
Low cost dental implants abroad. The best way to replace your missing teeth! is usefull resouce with information about options for dental implantlogy and cosmetic dentistry abroad.

Going for dental implants abroad treatment?

Dental implants procedures are very effective time-tested solutions to resolve the problems with your missing teeth. Unfortunately the prices in UK are extremely high compared to other countries specially in Eastern Europe. Usually by going for dental implants abroad you can save up to 70% than UK without compromise of the quality. Many times the dentists in Eastern Europe countries like implants Bulgaria have better experience and qualification in dental implants field that their colleagues in UK. The reason is quite simple - because they are putting more implants every month and year.

Full mouth teeth implants procedure

At 2010, a study showed that travels for "dental tourism" were getting increasingly popular in UK – probably due to the recession. The survey shows that a growing number of British people have been travelling to other countries to get a dental treatment which they can't afford in their own contry. In 2009 just over quarter of a million UK citizens travelled overseas to receive dental implant treatment.

Prices of dental implants abroad

Treatment Smile Dental
UK Price Average
1. Before the implant consultation
Consultation In Sofia Free ₤75 ₤75
X-Ray In Sofia Free ₤60 ₤60
2. Dental Implants
IHDE Implant (Switzerland) ₤259 ₤1,200 ₤941
Camlog Implant (USA) ₤329 ₤1,300 ₤971
Branemark Implant (Sweeden) ₤399 ₤1,600 ₤1,201
Straumman Implant (Switzerland) ₤489 ₤2,150 ₤1,661
Nobel BioCare Active Implant (Switzerland) ₤489 ₤2,180 ₤1,691
3. Abutments
IHDE Abutment ₤140 ₤350 ₤210
Camlog Abutment ₤140 ₤270 ₤130
Branemark Standard Abutment ₤190 ₤320 ₤130
Straumman Abutment ₤190 ₤390 ₤200
Nobel BioCare Abutment ₤190 ₤400 ₤210
4. Dental Crowns
Zirconium Metal Free Crown ₤199 ₤750 ₤551
Temporary Crown ₤20 ₤100 ₤80
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